Code Is Currency

How to thrive in an era of digital transformation without learning how to code

I was going to release this as a fully formed book but procrastination set in and world travel has been a great distraction, so in the interest to getting it edited and released I am going to share it incrementally a chapter-ish a week.

Is this book for you?
Read the first chapter and see if you like it (It's free so what have you got to loose).

What is the point of the book?
To demistify today's technology so those hindered by it can embrace and take advantage of the awesomeness it can create.

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Here we go

  1. Introduction
    How this book came to existance and why it is needed in today's world.
  2. What is code?
    Breaking down logic into two core fundamental questions.
  3. Finding your superpower
    Unearthing the hidden features of the tools you use every day
  4. Seeing the easy route
    TBA 12th July

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